Can I add a SSL Certificate to my Point2 Website?

Some registrars and domain service providers are offering SSL certificates for websites in the aim to promote enhancers search engine performance and secure browsing for website visitors.

Point2 doesn't currently support domain issues SSL certificates or offer CSR (Certificate Signing Requests) and the reason for this is due to the fact that your Point2 Agent website does not require a secure environment as your visitors will not be submitting sensitive information such as Credit Card or Banking details.

SSL as a ranking signal

It's true that search engines do take into account whether or not your website is secured with an SSL certificate or not (HTTP:// vs HTTPS://). However, as the below article posted on Google Webmaster Central Blog, it's a very lightweight signal.

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You can ensure high search engine rankings by offering high-quality content, well structured information and relevant keywords in your listings and descriptions.

If you have purchased an SSL certificate from your registrar, you should enquire directly to your registrar with regards to requesting a refund.


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