Point2 Agent updates - September 27, 2016


  • [New OO]: main Prospects pages
  • [New OO]: default version for mobile


  • [New OO, Listings]:Abnormal behavior when rearranging photos in Firefox
  • [New OO, Listings]:Edit on Maplink does not work on Android devices 
  • [New OO, Listings]:Save Listing button does not work on IE browser
  • [New OO, Listings]:Incorrect value in Countries drop-down
  • [New OO, Listings]: Listing description HTML issues
  • [New OO, Listings]:Missing neighborhoods from location drop-down
  • [New OO, Listings]:Saving listings on Edit Listing page sometimes doesn't work, for rentals
  • Feature Listing ad selection shows Toronto area on the map when it shouldn't 
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