Domain Name Renewal Notice Scams

The only action you should perform regarding your domain with when your receive communication from Point2. 

These e-mails will come from either a Point2 associated e-mail address (e.g. or our domain re-seller GoDaddy ( Any other e-mails may look convincing or official and often contain information specific to your domain registration that most people believe is retained only by the company which you registered your domain through, however, domain registration information including expiration dates, registration e-mails and other contact information is often stored in public records and can easily be looked up using a service called "WHOIS".

Unfortunately, there has been an increase in the amount of people who are being tricked into paying for the renewal or even facilitating the transfer of a domain to an entirely different registrar. As such, if you will ever receive communication with regards to your Point2 purchased domain, you should always cross check the information presented with your Point2 domains account. Typically, these companies will charge more than you originally paid for your domain purchase, sometimes in excess of $50.00.

Some notices may actually be mailed to customers, others come through in the form of e-mails and may look something like this:

Remember: Your domain renewal costs $16.95 per year.

Even if you no longer have an active Point2 Subscription but still own a domain with us, you can manage your domain through our Domain Management site.
You can use the Domain Management site to manage your domain name renewals,transfer a domain away from Point2 or change your name servers.

To login to Domain Management, follow these instructions:

If you have forgotten your Point2 login information, you can use the 'Forgot username or password?' below the sign in button and your details will be e-mailed to you.

You can also contact our customer care team with regards to confirming the validity of any e-mails you have received with regards to your domain and we can assist you with any domain renewals or updates that you may require.

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