Point2 Agent - November 21, 2016


  • [New OO, Listings]: Open houses
  • [New OO, Listings]: Change listing status functionality should be availalbe from the main (manage listings) page
  • [New OO, Listings]: After editing a listing and clicking Save or Cancel user should be redirected back to the original page (remember search criteria)

  • [New OO, Prospects]: Lead details page
  • [New OO, Prospects]: For inactive prospects details and email links should not be available
  • [New OO, Prospects]: New add prospects is missing the "Online Office Beta is now available. Try it out." link


  • [New OO]: Secondary users cannot access application
  • [New OO, Listings]: Listing can not be edited due to special characters in the room description
  • [New OO, Listings]: Picture upload rotation
  • [New OO, Prospects]: The reminders are still displayed after a delete
  • [New OO, Prospects]: A "HOT" prospect becomes "NOT HOT" after editing it

Technical stories:

  • [New OO]: Remove all PostSharp references from the application (cleanup)
  • [New OO, Prospects]: Permissions unit tests
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