Request Remote Assistance with Point2

If you are experiencing difficulties using your Point2 account, an agent may suggest a Remote Assistance session. 

This session basically allows us, with your permission, to see what you can see when you are trying to use our services. A remote session is usually only performed if the problem that you are experiencing cannot be replicated on our side, and to save you time and to simply the resolution, we can try to resolve the problem for you on your own computer.

First, you will need to give our customer care team a call on:


Then follow the agent's instructions carefully. Below, you will find a guide to assist you in getting set up for your remote session.



Once you are speaking with an agent, please click the following button and enter the 9-digit code we provided.


Due to the fact that this is a single-access session, we will not be able to reconnect to your system without re-taking the above steps again.

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