Cannot Save a Listing?

There are two reasons that you may not be able to save a listing. The most common reason is due to the fact that some of the information contained in the listing has an incorrect value or some hidden, unsupported characters (this is usually the result of copying and pasting from a website).

Depending on the error, you can try to resolve this yourself. First thing to check for is the kind of error that you have received.


If you receive this message, the system is indicating that one or more areas of your listing information is missing or is incorrectly entered.

Price error

You will need to scroll down the page until you locate the highlighted area(s). Note: Prices do not require the thousands separator comma. This will be added automatically upon saving your listing.

Also, "Feature / Price Highlight" is limited to 50 characters. If you enter any more, the listing will not save.


Description error

Also, watch out for "HTML" tags, which are sometimes copied from one website to another, depending on the source.


An error has occurred

It's possible that you may receive a message similar to this, and in situations such as these, you should simply try to post the listing again.

If you find that you receive this message during the update or addition of a listing, please check the page for any errors and try saving the listing again.

Should this error continue to prevent you saving the listing, we would suggest starting over but first, clear your web cache and cookies to ensure that nothing interferes with the listing process.

In some cases, errors such as these, can also be caused by a communication interruption on our side, in which case, the only option would be to try to re-save or start over.


Photo Upload JSON errors

If you receive an error message related to uploading photos, which include "JSON" or "Unexpected token" this is actually a technical message generated by the system and is not something you can fix on your side.

Please try re-adding the photos and clearing your browser's cache as a quick-fix. 


If after trying all of the steps mentioned above, you continue to experience problems, please reach out to us so that we can try and assist you further.

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