Quickly Change the Status of a Listing

If you want to update a listing's status, you can easily do this from the Manage Listings page, without actually needing to enter into the listing's edit mode.

Note: This will only work for Manually Entered Listings, meaning that if your listing was originally sent to us via your MLS, you will need to first update the listing status on the MLS and wait for the listing to update in your Point2 account. This can typically take 24-72 hours to complete.

For your manually entered listing, simply go to the Manage Listings page, search or browse for your listing and select the Edit button which is connected to the listing you want to change and select "Change Status"


 Now simply change the Status to whatever you need to update it to, and be sure to make sure that your Listed and Expiry date is set correctly.

Then press Save.

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