Linking images to pages

If you have an image that you would like to link to another page on your website or an external website, the process is very easy.

First, you will need to upload an image to your website. To do this, you'll need to be logged into your website and in the edit more.

  • Go to and sign into your account
  • Select, "Websites > Agent Site"
  • Click the "Edit" link next to your agent site

Now navigate to the page that you want to add the image link to, and either edit or add a custom content module.

First, upload the image and resize it accordingly. To do this, place your text cursor (blinking line where you can type) onto the line that you want to add the image and then select the "Image" button in the toolbar.

You will be presented with the Image Properties popup box and you'll need to navigate to the "Upload" tab in order to send the image from your computer to the website.

First select "Choose File" and then once the file has uploaded, select the "Send it to the Server" button.

The page will automatically change to the "Image Info" tab and you can also use this as a chance to resize the image if you need to.

To add the link, select the "Link" tab.

To link to an external website, enter the link (including HTTP://) into the URL field. If you would rather link to a page on your Point2 Agent website, simply select it from the "My Page" drop down box.

You can also select the "Target" which will determine how the link behaves when clicked (E.g. as a popup or in a new tab).

Changing a linked image

If you need to update the link or the actual image, you can simply click the image you need to change once, and then click the "Image" button again, just as if you were adding a new image entirely.

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