Point2Homes Updates - February 17, 2017


  • HTML Sitemaps for P2H ES (SEO)
  • Translate to Spanish page titles on For Sale and For Rent detail pages (SEO)
  • Add a one-to-one link on US pages to its correspondent in ES (SEO)
  • New footer links (SEO)
  • Remove School District link, on listing details pages (SEO)
  • Robots.txt changes (SEO)
  • Display City and State in the address, for Rent Cafe listings (List View only)  (SEO)
  • Updates on Contact Us page


  • We make featured listings/agents calls with the wrong country
  • The "Sort" menu is empty for locations without results on mobile devices
  • Full screen photo issues
  • Links to bookmarks cause continuous refreshing of the page
  • Wrong version of the site is returned for Point2Homes on tablet devices

Technical :

  • Tracking metrics: cleanup and add more metadata
  • Display inactive slots - not available for users, yet
  • Updated (PropertyShark HTTPS links)
  • Investigate issues related to Multithreading - Rollback fake HttpContext
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