Finding your website on Search Engines

Getting on top of Google and other popular search engines, is usually at the top of most real estate professional's to-do list. However, there are many different factors which will determine how well your website will perform in search engines, and how long it will take to start showing in the search results.

We've covered the main areas in this linked article, but if you've performed all of these steps and you're still not locating yourself, you can also try the following:

Submit your website to Search Engines

Most popular search engines have a way for you to "Submit your URL", meaning that you are basically notifying that company, that your website exists.


Please understand, that we don't have any direct control over how long it will take for your website to begin showing on these various sites, but by doing this, you can certainly speed up the process.


Make sure you have a domain

The default domain that we provide you (e.g. is only designed for you to have the ability to view your website, during the time that you are constructing it. Once you're done making your website, you should buy a domain and then promote that domain to your target audience.

If you continue to use the default domain with Point2 and then later change your domain, this will damage, if not completely remove, all search engine presence up to that date. Buying a domain and linking it with Point2 is one of the first things you should think about doing, once you have created your Point2 account.


Connect with our Alliance Members

Our Alliance Members have a great track-record of helping our Point2 customers maximize their presence on the web. 

The Point2 Alliance Member Program is designed to identify companies who provide quality services in key areas relevant to real estate, online marketing and Point2 Agent accounts. These Alliance Members apply for inclusion into the Alliance Member Program then undergo a series of reviews and discussions to determine value they bring to the Point2 Agent membership, as well as their fit within the program.

You can locate our Alliance Members through this page: 


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