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Starting May, 2017, we've updated and streamlined our approach to Featured Ads. The goal is to provide our customers with a much more efficient process for featuring themselves and their listings and at the same time, provide maximum exposure.

As such, the new concept behind Listing Ads is that they are organised into "slots" instead of "credits". The benefit to using slots, is that at any time, you can swap out the listing for any other listing which is available to be featured. This means that you no longer need to run an ad for 30 days, you can technically run it for any desired amount of time, and easily switch it out for another listing, when you feel that it has had enough exposure. If however, you decide to not use all your free Ads, you will soon have the option to un-feature a Listing Ad. 

Featured Listings cannot be featured outside of the area that the listing is situated. The reason for this, is to provide a consistent and accurate search experience for our visitors and your potential prospects. For example, as a customer, if you're searching for listings in Saskatoon, you probably wouldn't want to be shown listings in a completely different town or even city.

Also, Featured Agent ads work in a similar fashion. For our Point2 Agent Professional members, they will continue to receive the 1 free Featured Agent Ad as a part of their membership, and by default, it's going to be set in the particular area which the agent primary operates (the same place as set in your Point2 account). If you would like to change this location, you can reach out to us, and we can make that change on your behalf, as right now, this is an internal procedure.

For Point2 Agent Elite members who have 5 Featured Agent Ads, it's basically the same, but with the 4 remaining ads, the agent can reach out to us and we can set them up in other areas, just like we can for Professional members, or we can also allocate the remaining credits to specific members registered on the same account. If you have multiple users on your account, and you would like for them to have access to your credits, the primary account owner will need to contact us, determine the amount of ads that each user should receive from the allocated amount in their membership, and we will provide them with the quota requested.

The new Featured Ad system is still being shaped by the feedback from our valued members, and so therefore, changes are expected to take place, but this should explain our intentions and how we designed this system to better serve our members and Point2 community.

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