Clear webmail

From time to time your e-mail reaches maximum capacity which blocks future e-mails from coming in. This means that you need to clear up some space immediately. The first step would be to delete unnecessary items from your Inbox, Sent and Spam Folders (they will be sent to your Trash folder).

Deleting emails frees up mailbox storage, however if a user deletes an excessive number of emails, it takes longer to process the deletion. Allow ample time for that deletion to be reflected in the mailbox storage capacity.

Email in the Trash folder does count toward mailbox storage capacity. Follow these steps to ensure a deleted message is not counting toward your mailbox storage:

  1. Sign into your webmail at with your e-mail and password for that e-mail
  2. Right Click Trash from the left menu
  3. Click Purge "Trash"
  4. Click OK on the pop-up

The message no longer counts toward the mailbox storage. If you need to recover a message that you deleted from trash, see Recover deleted email in Webmail.

Warning: Messages purged from the Trash folder can be recovered for up to 14 days after deletion. After 14 days, the message cannot be recovered.



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