Elegance Theme Settings

If you would like to edit the looks of the new theme Point2 has implemented recently, please follow the steps below. Also, every feature you find in the Edit mode of the website, is explained on this page.

  • Sign into your Point2 Agent account
  • Click on the Edit button you see in the Agent Website section of the pagmceclip0.png

Once you arrive on the Edit page, you will see the following features:

Header/Footer Theme – this section allows you to change the colors between dark and white, present on your menu as well as footer section.



Color – changes the color of the Search button from the Home page as well as the color of icons located in the footer section. (ex: red)


Listing Preferences – lets you adjust what listings are visible on your website.

Google Analytics – if you have a Tracking ID from Google, place it in this section.

Headline – this is the title of your website.


Page Settings section allows you to change the following:

  • Home - Title and Meta Description
  • Listing - title and Meta
  • About me - Title and Meta
  • Contact - Title and Meta


Homepage Image is the main background picture on your website applicable to your Home Page. You can also choose to upload a picture of your preference from your device.

Edit Profile feature grants you access to the profile details you have on your Point2 Agent account.


Theme Selector allows you to switch to a different theme from our portfolio.


Website Domain grants you access to the domain section of your Point2 account.



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