So What's New with Point2 Agent?

You might be wondering this yourself.  

In the past we've usually focused on announcing major new feature releases and updates to the Point2 Agent software and not so much about the other behind-the-scenes types of updates that lay the groundwork for our big feature releases, or that ensure that your sites continue to function in the best way possible.

You may not know this but we publish a software build every week or two weeks on average which includes bug fixes, product changes and improvements.  Many times these updates are not easily visible to our members and we realize that it might seem like we're not doing a lot to improve your software experience.  We promise we have been hard at work - but I admit, we've neglected to share that information with you.

That's about to change.  Going forward we're going to provide our members with the details about all of our releases - even ones that include fixes and updates that aren't really noticeable to you.

You might not always understand what each improvement or bug fix is really about.  That's okay, I probably won't either.  But we still think you should know.  

And what I do know is that our development team is always hard at work to ensure that not only our current features work flawlessly, but also in developing new and exciting features too.

Stay tuned for more announcements about our next release.

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