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You can easily frame the MLS listings into your Point2 Agent website. This will allow your website visitors to browse the MLS while still within your Point2 website. 

Note: You will first need to contact your local MLS board to obtain an IDX frameable link. Please be advised that some websites do not allow for framing. You may want to check with your local MLS to make sure that their site does support framing.

In order to frame the MLS listings, please follow these simple steps: 

To add a new page:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click on Websites at the top of the page
  • Click Edit next to the thumbnail image of the site you want to edit
  • Click on the Add a New Page link in the top left 
  • Select a Name for the page, and choose the Content Page option beside Page Type 
  • Click OK to commit your new page to your website

Once your page is created, click on the Add Content link in the center column of the page.

  • Your page will refresh to the Add Content screen 
  • Click the Listings and Home Search tab
  • In the IDX Listings box click Add to Page
  • Your page will now refresh to the Edit Header page where you can edit the title of the section and add an introduction 
  • Click Next in the bottom right to proceed to the next screen 
  • You will now be prompted to enter the URL address for your IDX link 
  • You have the option of 2 display types: 
    1) IDX Panel which opens your listings within the same screen
    2) Link to New IDX Window which displays your MLS Listings in a different window 
  • If you turn on Registration, your website visitors will need to fill out a brief registration form the first time they access the listings 
  • Instructions for the Registration can be modified in the word processor tool directly below the Registration field 
  • Click Finish 

Now you will need to go back and make the page visible:

  • While you're in the Edit area of your website click Manage Website at the top
  • Click Edit Menu
  • Locate the MLS listings page that you've been working 
  • Click on the page and drag it up to the menu you want it in
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