Retrieve deleted listings

Deleted listings are stored in your account indefinitely and are available if you would like to restore them. To add your deleted listings back to public view on your website, you will need to change the status.

!Please note that if a listing is set to Deleted, the system does not consider that listing to be active and, after a period of time (approximately 12 months), some details, including the pictures, will be permanently deleted from the database. Reinstating a listing as active WILL NOT retrieve the information. 

To change the listing status:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Listings from the top menu
  • Click Manage Listings
  • From the Show drop down menu, select Deleted

  • Click Actions next to desired listing
  • Select Edit
  • Click the Change Status from the drop down menu

  • Change the Status as desired
  • If the expiry date for this listing has passed, be sure to select a new date

  • Click Save at the bottom


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