Create notes & reminders for listings

You can use the notes section of the listing to enter comments about the progress of your listing. You can set each note to be visible to the seller or viewed only to yourself. Notes allow you to keep track of tasks to do for the listing.

Using the reminders feature of the notes area is a key way to ensure that you are on top of all your tasks regarding the listing. The reminders include things like home inspection, appraisal, placing sign and lock box, delivering contract, etc.

Once you create a note you can then attach a reminder to it. You can set the reminder to any specific date and time and an email is sent to remind you. 

To create a note:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Listings > Manage Listings 
  • Click the Performance Report on the listing you wish to apply a note
  • Click Notes
  • Click Add Note

  • Select the Type of note
  • Select a Prospect if it relates to a specific buyer or seller
  • Assign To: a user on your account
  • Make sure the right Listing is selected
  • Check off whether you want the note Visible to the Seller or not 
  • Enter any Comments you may have 
  • Click Save


Now create a reminder for this note:

  • After creating a note your page will refresh back to the Notes area
  • Click Manage beside the note 


  • Click on Add Reminder 
  • Choose the user to remind, the date and time to send the email reminder out and enter the message to be sent
  • Click Save



An email will be sent to you on the date and at the time you selected to remind you with whatever was selected. 

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