What are Listing ads and Featured Agent ads?

Point2 now offers a wider range of advertising options. Depending on your needs you can choose between:

 - The Top Spot Ad

 - The Gold Listing Ad

 - The Featured Agent Ad


  • The Top Spot Listing Ad is the ultimate advertising option offered by Point2. This ad gets your listing on the #1 position in homebuyers’ search results for 30 days. On top of that, your listing gets a huge visual upgrade: it is bigger, better highlighted and it displays more property photos at a glance. This listing helps you stand out and dominate your local real estate market since there is only one Top Spot Listing Ad available for each location.

    These ads are sold exclusively by phone, so you will have to call 1-888-277-9779 (for US & Canada) or 1-306-955-1855 (for other international locations) to check for prices and availability in your area.

  • The Gold Listing Ad is the perfect advertising option for agents that have multiple listings that they want to advertise. The Gold Listing Ad boosts your listing’s position in search results, greatly increasing your chances to be noticed by home seekers in the area.
  • The Featured Agent Ad is designed to help agents boost their local exposure and attract new business. It showcases your agent profile picture and contact information on the right-hand side of homebuyers’ search results along with a link to your own website.

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