Why neighborhoods?

Here are a few highlights why we have designed our system to include neighborhood information:

  • To eliminate confusing MLS area names, zip code/postal code references.
  • To provide real area names, understandable by every home buyer or consumer.
  • To accurately represent the location of the listing.
  • Named areas create a valuable SEO benefit. Consumers/Home buyers often search for area name real estate, city name real estate, area name homes for sale, or city name homes for sale. By adding the listing to the named neighborhood, they will receive more traffic from these buyers

Neighborhoods will facilitate the ease of searching listings as well as aid our members in their search engine rankings.

  1. Search engine optimization – names of neighborhoods are integrated into each listing url (e.g thereby assisting in your website’s search engine optimization. Buyers looking in your neighborhoods will be directly linked to the specific listings located in those areas.
  2. By entering neighborhood information associated with your listings, your website has the ability to provide advance mapping, searching and sorting functionality around this neighborhood information. This will allow online consumers to quickly and easily identify specific neighborhoods.
  3. All listings featured on Point2 Homes will be searchable using a neighborhood search. Online visitors will be able to quickly and easily search through listings by neighborhood on Point2 Homes.
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