Delete a listing brochure

You have the ability to remove a listing brochure for a listing. When a listing is created, a brochure is created for it automatically so if you create another brochure and attach it to the listing, then there's two brochures on the listing.  This is the most common case for deleting a brochure.  Follow the instructions below to delete a brochure:

  • Sign in to your Point2 Account at
  • Click Listings from the top menu
  • Click Manage Listings
  • Click Edit next to the listing you would like to remove the listing brochure from

  • Click Advanced

  • Scroll to the Attachments section
  • Uncheck the box next to Default Listing Brochure Attached if you want to delete the one automatically generated by Point2
  • Or click the Delete button next to any attached files
  • Click Save at the bottom


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