Create open house

You can easily set up an open house in your account. Listings must have the address publicly visible option checked off in order to create an open house. To check if the address is publicly visible, click here to edit the listing first. To create an open house:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Listings from the top menu
  • Click Manage Listings
  • Locate the listing and click Add Open House
  • Use the calendar to select the date of the open house
  • Select the time when it starts and ends

You can also choose to add additional, future open house dates by clicking the  button and to delete an open house, simply click the trash can icon.


Your open house will be shown on your website wherever your listing is shown within 2 hours of creating the open house. In bold faced text beneath the listing address, you will see the date and time of your open house. This will automatically fall away after the time of the open house has passed.



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