Configure which listings show and their display format

You can display specific types of listings, different statuses of listings or listings from different locations in listing modules.  You can also make certain changes to how the module will display. Follow the steps below to find how to make these selections:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Websites from the top menu
  • Click Agent Site
  • Click Edit next to the website
  • Navigate to your listings page
  • Click Configure Which Listings Show and their Display Format at the top of the listings module

  • On this page you will have five different areas that allow you to configure how the listings section displays: 
  • Step 1 - Select A Set of Listings - You have the choice of displaying your listings in 4 different ways: 
    1. All Listings – Your Listings and Handshake Listings will be displayed in a single list, check the box next My Listings First if you wish to display your listings first 
    2. My Listings – Only your listings will be displayed 
    3. Shared Listings – Only the Handshake listings will be displayed 
    4. More Listings Link – Your listings will be displayed with a “More Listings” link at the bottom of the page which will allow access to your Handshake listings on another page. Check the box next to 'My Broker Listings before the link' if you wish to display yours and your broker's listings first, then have a More Listings link
  • Step 2 - Configure Registration Form - Requiring registration is a way to capture prospects. However, it is generally recommended to make listings public because only a small percentage of visitors will register. With listings available on large well known websites, such as national listing portals, publicly visible listings will keep visitors on your website longer and increase return visits and thus the number of leads from listing inquiries.
  • Step 3 - Customize the Listing Summary - Allows you to decide what information you want displayed on the table of listings, before someone clicks into specific listings. To move an item from the Hidden list to the Displayed list (or vice-versa), click the item and then click the Left or Right arrow. To change the order of the Displayed information, click an item in the Displayed list and then click the Up or Down arrow.
  • Step 4 - Filter the Results - This is where you will want to select a specific type of listing, specific status, or from a certain location to display (e.g., Commercial, Sold). You can also choose to only show manually entered listing by checking the box Do not display Imported Listings.You would repeat the process above for each type of listing you want to display on a separate page.
  • Click OK
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