Edit virtual tour

  • Click Listings from the top menu
  • Click Manage Listings
  • Locate the listing
  • Click the Virtual Tour button
  • Click Edit Virtual Tour

There are the options to change the music.  You can use a soundtrack that we provide, no soundtrack at all, or you are able to upload your own audio file if you choose:

  • Click Edit in the top left of the edit virtual tour page

  • To use a soundtrack that we provide, click Choose then use the drop down box to select one
  • If you do not want audio at all, click No Soundtrack
  • If you have your own audio file click Upload Audio, click Choose File and locate the file on your computer. Keep in mind you must have the legal right to the audio content you upload.
  • Click Save to make sure the changes made to the soundtrack save

Other editing features for the virtual tour on the page are the ability to edit the order that the photos will rotate in, how long they will take to rotate, how they transition through the photos and a couple of other features:

  • To remove a photo from appearing within the tour, uncheck the box that appears below the thumbnail photo. 
  • To reorder photos click on the left side of the photo panel and drag to the desired location 

  • Next to each picture you can click Edit which will expand further customization options

  • Click next to Manual to configure the Pan & Zoom options to your liking. Choose which part of each photo to start and end on by dragging the red box. Zoom in and out on each photo by using the slider control below each photo. 
  • Click Automatic to use the default settings 
  • Select the Duration of time between the photos rotating
  • Select the type Transition 
  • Enter the Caption to appear for each picture 
  • Click Save
  • Once you've edited each photo click Save and Exit
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