Broker membership

Point2 offers three membership levels for all of our products, so the cost for running an office can vary. Every website in the network has separate billing. Brokers features are included the Elite membership

The cost is as follows:

$1299.00/year or $129.90/month with a yearly commitment 

This way, your broker site can be Elite and each agent site connected can be whatever level the agent chooses.  Agents can sign up for an Express, Professional or Elite account.  Click here for costs of all memberships. 

For example, you could have a Elite Broker site and all of the agents could have either the Express or Professional level. It all depends on what suits your needs. Choosing a broker site over a agent site gives you a few extra features such as the roster management and the template website.

Roster management allows you to add agents names in order to create your agent roster. Once you have added agents, you can easily go back to this area to view your roster and manage your roster agent's information.

The template website feature is an exact duplicate of your current broker site, enabling you to easily replicate specific content and/or designs on your primary site. This template site can then be sent to any agent that is currently not a Point2 member as you add them to your roster.

To compare each of the membership levels please visit


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