Listing Performance Report

The Listing Performance Reports offer comprehensive insights into your listing's performance on This includes:

  • Listing View: The number of times people clicked and viewed your listing's detail page.
  • Contact Agent Email Sent: The number of times prospects filled out and sent the "Contact Agent" form for the listing.
  • Click to Call Listing Agent: The number of times prospects clicked on the phone number displayed in your listing.
  • Listing Saved as Favorite: The number of times prospects saved your listing to Favorites.


Benchmark reports:

Included in the listing performance report are Benchmark Reports, which highlight two key reference points: Average and Top 5.

Average: The Benchmark Reports offer a clear evaluation of your listing performance by comparing it to the average performance of other listings in your location on over the past 30 days. This allows you to understand how your listing compares to the overall average in your area.

Top 5: Additionally, these reports compare your listing to the top 5 best-performing listings in your location, using data from the past 30 days. This gives you an insight into how your listing measures up to the top-performing properties in your area.



Performance Chart:

The Performance Chart provides a visual representation of key data points over time, including Number of Views, Contact Agent and Click to Call. The chart is organized with dates on the x-axis, allowing you to observe trends and variations in these data points over time.



Your ad showed up in:

When your listing is being promoted, you'll find a dropdown labeled "Your ad showed up in." This will detail the neighborhoods where your listing appeared, along with the corresponding number of Impressions and Clicks.

  • Impressions represent how often your ad is displayed in each area.
  • Clicks indicate the number of times someone clicked on your advertised listing. Also, homebuyers can perform click-like actions such as swiping between the photos or clicking on your Agent Profile.


In order to access the Listing Performance Reports section in your account:

  • Sign in to your Point2Homes account at
  • Click on the Reports menu
  • Click Listing Performance Reports


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