Warning: Ultrastats is not available for new members because it was replaced by Google Analytics. To learn more about Google Analytics and how to add it to your Point2 Website please click here.


UltraStats, one of the most advanced statistics and traffic analysis software packages available today. It is included with Point2 and is only available to our Professional and Elite members. This comprehensive statistical reporting tool shows very important detailed information about website activity and allows you to analyze your web traffic in great depth, in turn helping you to maximize the traffic flow to your site by providing the content your consumers seek. There are several different categories of statistics that you can view in Ultrastats:

Traffic - Shows you the number of sessions on your site (a visitor surfing your site is considered one ‘session’), pageviews, and hits to your website.

Visitors and Sessions - Provides comprehensive details on the number of visitors, unique visitors, sessions, unique sessions, and session frequency on your website. So basically, the number of visitors that visit your site (and the frequency in which they return).

Pages & Files - This report is great as it shows the most popular pages and forms on your website. That is, the pages and forms (home search, reports) that your visitors find the most useful.

Navigation - These stats show you exactly which pages visitors are using to enter and exit your site. It also shows you the most popular paths visitors take when visiting your website. Find out the depth and length of your visitors sessions. In other words, find out if they are hitting your site and immediately leaving if they’re not finding what they are looking for.

Referrals - Attention Search Engine enthusiasts, these reports are here just for you (and pretty much anyone else interested in finding out how visitors are finding their site on the internet). The word ‘Referrals’ translates into the different ways that online visitors arrive at your site (through the internet). In other words, find out which search engines are bringing you traffic as well as find out what kinds of keywords (e.g. “Denver homes for sale”) are bringing up your site within search engines.

Domains & Users - These reports get right down to the nitty gritty, showing you what networks your site visitors came from. The report also shows you which domains they came from (.com, .ca, .uk)., what countries they are surfing from, and also breaks down your visitors according to their IP address.

Browsers & Robots - Discover what types of browsers your visitors are using to browse your site. Find out how many people are viewing your site through Internet Explorer versus Netscape or even Firefox. Also, find out which users are viewing your site through Windows, Mac or Linux.


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