Add agents to roster

This area is used to add agent names in order to create your agent roster. Once you have added agents, you can easily go back to this area to view your roster and manage your roster agents' information. To add agents to your roster:

  • Sign into your Point2 account at
  • Click the Settings gear icon in the top right 
  • Click Roster Management
  • Click Invite Agent located in the top left-hand area. 

  • Enter the name and/or email 
  • This will search the Point2 system to see if there is any existing Point2 member with the same name or email address. If the email matches an agent who is currently a member of Point2 this will display their membership level and their website address. 
  • Use the Membership Type button option to select the website you want on the roster and click Finish.

If the email does not match a current member of Point2, you will be able to automatically send them a new website:

  • At the bottom of the pop-up click Create a Point2 Agent account

  • Enter in the new agent's contact information
  • Select a Template Website or Agent Site (Template will send the template from your account that you've designed to have company branding the same, whereas Agent will send a themed website separate from your template) 
  • Click Finish
  • Your Roster Management page will refresh with the new agent's name and they will be in the Pending status column. 

Now that the agent has been added to the roster:

  • The agent will receive an email detailing information about their new website (their website's URL and their login information) along with a request that they accept the invitation to join the broker's roster. 
  • If the agent accepts, their status column on the Roster Management page will change to Accepted. 
  • Note: Once an agent's name is added to the Roster, any time the agent makes any changes to the contact information on his/her own agent website, the broker's Roster will automatically update. 
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