Trouble signing in

If you are still having trouble signing in, there are a number of variables that can cause problems with signing in to your account.  Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

If you are using your computer to access multiple Point2 accounts or your computer is shared, old sign in credentials for another account may be stored in the browser's memory and you will need to clear out your browsers Cache and Cookie files.  

As the process for clearing cache varies from application to application, We've included links below to the most common setups. Please ensure you use the link for your browser.

Google Chrome on Computer

Google Chrome on Android

Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad

Mozilla Firefox

Safari on Mac

Safari on iPhone / iPad / iPod

Internet Explorer
We do not actively support Internet Explorer, since Microsoft discontinued the application's development on March 17, 2015. Microsoft recommends installing their newer browser, Edge. More information here:

Microsoft Edge

If you are still unable to sign into your account, here are some things you may need to check:

  1.  Firewalls - Please check that your firewall settings aren't causing the issue.
  2.  Routers - Try signing in directly from your internet connection, not your network connection.
  3.  Spyware/Adware - Both and have reputable spyware checking programs.
  4.  Antivirus programs - You may have to adjust the settings to allow access to your account.
  5.  Norton 360 -  You may have to adjust the settings to allow access to your account.
  6.  Saving the login page as a favorite -  Accessing your account through a saved favorite might not work.  Try accessing the login page directly by going to and clicking Sign in
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