Start Up Wizard

Upon creating an account with Point2, there are a few steps to go through that will be of benefit when completed. They are not required to do, however it is encouraged to do so as it will get a few things setup within the account with just a couple minutes of time! It will greatly increase the exposure of you and your business online.

Going through the steps some of the things to setup are Listing Syndication, enabling the Website and also enabling Handshake. Other key aspects are to make sure you have your phone number added to your profile so that leads that come through your Point2 account are able to get a hold of you easily and add your photo.

Along the start-up path is the ability to connect the Point2 account to your MLS, which will allow your listings that you enter in the MLS to come directly from the MLS to your Point2 account. We do not have every MLS connected to Point2, however it is well worth it to check and see if your MLS is in the list and connect the accounts together. It will save time because you won’t have to enter your listings into Point2.

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