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If you have your prospects in a CSV file you can import them into your Point2 Homes account. Follow the instructions below to import your prospects from a CSV file:
  • From the program your prospects are currently stored in, create a CSV file.
  • Important: Ensure the header fields in your CSV file are compatible with Point2 Homes. Compatible header titles are below these instructions.
  • Save the CSV file to your computer
  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Prospects from the left menu
  • Click Import Prospects


  • Click Add File and browse your computer for your saved file
  • If you want to import them directly to a prospect group you have created choose a group, if not leave none selected
  • Click Start Upload


Compatible Header Titles
  • Compatible headings for Address: Home Street, Home Address, address, Business Street, street, Business Address 
  • Compatible headings for Cell: Mobile Phone, Cell Phone 
  • Compatible headings for City: Home City, city, Business City 
  • Compatible headings for Country: Home Country, Home Country/Region, country, Business Country 
  • Compatible headings for Email: E-mail Address, E-mail 2 Address, E-mail 3 Address, email, email address, Email Address, E-mail 
  • Compatible headings for Fax: Home Fax, fax 
  • Compatible headings for First Name: First Name, primary firstname 
  • Compatible headings for Last Name: Last Name, primary lastname 
  • Compatible headings for Phone: Work Phone, Home Phone, primary phone 
  • Compatible headings for Postal/Zip Code: Home Postal Code, zip, home zip, Postal Code, Business Postal Code 
  • Compatible headings for State/Prov: Home State, State, State Code, province/state, Business State
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