What are drip email campaigns?

Drip email campaigns allow you to send automated email to prospects that you've captured through your website. In short, setting up a campaign is a great way to make your site do some follow up work for you once your site has generated a new lead.

Here’s how drip email campaigns work:

  • A prospect visits your site and performs an action that will trigger a campaign, specific to the action which triggered it. 
  • Your account will record the prospect's email address and automatically add it to the relevant campaign. 
  • Your prospect will now receive emails at predetermined intervals. The number of the emails and the intervals are determined by you. 
  • The emails contain your brand, picture, links to your site and whatever content keeping you in the forefront of your prospect's mind. 
  • The campaigns will generate return visits to your site, greatly increasing the odds that your prospect will contract your services when they are ready to buy or sell. 
  • The great part is you don’t have to do anything until the prospect requests your services. Your site works for you, nurturing leads until they become serious about doing business with you.
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