Create custom drip email campaigns

You are able to create your own custom drip email campaigns. The content and triggers can be set to your liking. To create your own drip email campaign:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Campaigns from the top menu
  • Click Drip Email 
  • Click Add custom campaign at the top of the page

  • Type in a Campaign Name
  • Check off the the General Triggers you want to have that prompts a prospect to be placed on this drip email campaign
  • Click show next to Website Module Triggers and check off any of those triggers
  • Use the drop downs to change the Salutation and Closing options

  • Under Campaign Activities, type the subject of the message and set when you want the first email to send from the Send drop down
  • Click Edit next to the subject field to compose the email
  • For basic text emails, type your email in the editor box
  • To add HTML content or to insert a third-party custom email template, click the Source button in the top left of the content editor.
  • Click Save to save the email you are currently editing
  • To add another email to the campaign, click Add Email and repeat the steps above to compose the email
  • Once all of the emails are completed, click Save at the bottom of the page to have the campaign saved
  • In order for prospects to begin receiving emails, click the Activate Campaign button
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