Autofill contact information on forms

Once a visitor uses a form like the feedback form, the website remembers that visitor and automatically fill out their name, email address etc. for all forms on your website. So you are viewing your information on these forms, but other users are not. They either see an empty form, if they have never used one, or they see their own information if they have visited and submitted a request in the past.

If you would like to temporarily remove this information from your internet browser you can do so by clearing your cache files. However, remember that the next time a form is filled out using your computer, the information will remain there. Here's how to clear cache in different browsers:

For Internet Explorer:

  • Close all Internet Explorer windows except for one
  • Click the gear icon in the top right to open the Settings menu
  • Select Safety and then click Delete Browsing History (or press Ctrl+Shift+Delete)
  • Uncheck: Preserve Favorites Website data
  • Check: Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and website data and History
  • Click Delete
  • Close all open browser windows
  • Open a new Internet Explorer browser window and look at the form again

For Google Chrome:

  • In the right corner of Chrome, click the Settings icon
  • Select More Tools and click Clear browsing data (or press Ctrl+Shift+Delete)
  • Set Obliterate the following items from: the beginning of time
  • Check Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site and plugin data and Cached images and files
  • Click Clear browsing data
  • Open a new Google Chrome browser window and look at the form again

For Firefox:

  • Click the Settings icon
  • Click History
  • Click Clear Recent History (or press Ctrl+Shift+Delete)
  • Check Browsing & Download History, Cookies and Cache
  • Click Clear Now
  • Open a new Firefox browser window and look at the form again
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