Broker Features

Point2 has created a complete suite of marketing tools which have changed the face of the real estate industry. Broker features are available only to Professional and Elite memberships. The features give you and your agents everything you need to succeed.

These are the fundamentals of the Point2 system which make our users successful:

  1. Rich listing data - The internet is where the world turns for information and home buyers are no different. Point2 allows for an extensive amount of listing detail. Our research shows that extra listing detail attracts more online buyers and generates significantly greater responses. Our system includes unlimited photos, includes virtual tours, maps and mortgage calculators. 
  2. Syndication - Point2 then takes these listings and automatically syndicates them. 
  3. Prospect Management - When a buyer requests information on one of our partner's websites, their information is then sent to the listing agent's Point2 account. We provide the agent with detailed prospect tracking and the tools needed turn that prospect into a transaction. We also provide detailed listing statistics to show the agent and seller exactly how their online traffic is being generated. 
  4. Account Tools - The Point2 broker account acts as the hub of an office network; linking the agent's personal Point2 accounts together for distributing listings and prospect information. The broker is then able to oversee assigned prospects and listings, retaining control when necessary.

Point2 accounts are available for brokers in two different membership levels: Professional ($549/year) or Elite ($1299/year).

Point2 Broker has the exact same functionality as Point2 Agent but with a few added features. The main additions are the Roster, the Template Website, Listing Assignment, and Prospect Routing. The Broker solution creates a network of agent websites to reduce data entry (through listing distribution and prospect routing), keep branding consistent, and improve online efficiency.

Roster Functions

  • Creates accounts for the agents in the brokerage 
  • Once agent is on the Roster, the broker is able to add listings and assign those listings to an agent 
  • Listings are shared to everyone else on the Roster automatically
  • Agents can add listings to their own accounts and give the broker editing access to that listing

Template Website Functions

  • The first time a broker goes to create their Roster, an option appears to create their template website. Clicking through the buttons will take a copy of their website for use as a template. A Broker Template Website option is added to the Websites menu
  • Template Websites are the Express membership level and have access to Express editing features only.

Prospects Functions

  • When an inquiry comes in on the broker’s website for an assigned listing, the prospect is automatically routed to the listing agent’s Point2 account. 
  • The broker has access to these prospects for viewing activity reports. 
  • Prospect routing/assigning to agents is possible. If you decide that another agent would do better with a particular prospect you can revoke prospects from an agent and assign them to someone else on the roster.

Membership Levels

  • The Brokerage account and each agent account are separate (agents pay for their own accounts). 
  • Broker accounts are available in Professional and Elite. Every membership level allows them to add as many listings as they want and add as many agents as they want. 
  • Elite is recommended for brokers because of the very high limits (unlimited emails/pages) and increased advertising opportunities
  • The broker’s account should be setup with generic office information. If some agents don’t want an account, the broker can add their listings. Prospects that come to those listings can be exported to agents however they choose. The system works best though if every agent has an account.


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