Add brokerage listings

The first step is to add your agents to your agent roster. This not only sends them a custom branded website with your logo and colors, but also automatically sets up a listing and prospect sharing arrangement between yourself and the agents.

Listings can be added 2 different ways:

1) To the broker's site.
Listings can be added to the broker's site if the agent does not wish to do so. Listings are added the same way as usual, but the broker is able to choose a listing agent for the listing from among those added to the roster.

2) To the agent's site.
Listings can also be added to the agent's site. If the agent enters the listing from his own site, the listings will be automatically shared over to his broker's site using agent handshake.

Click here to learn how to create a listing.

When creating a listing you can select the "Broker of Record" as well, which will make it possible to edit the listing data from either the broker site or the agent's site.

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