Why should I add my agents to my roster?

Adding agents to your roster is certainly optional but there are many benefits associated with doing so. When you add an agent to your roster, they are automatically sent a free trial branded website, complete with marketing and lead management tools, along with tremendous exposure for any listings entered.  Once the trial is over each agent would be required to pay for their own account or you can pay for it if you choose to do so as the broker.  

Once the agent has accepted your roster invitation, you can now use them as a listing agent for any listings added to your site. A handshake listing sharing arrangement is also automatically created between the broker's site and the agent's new Point2 Agent website. Using agent handshake, the broker is able to advertise all their agent's listings on their own site.

You can also use the prospect routing functionality, enabling them to assign an agent a lead and follow the progress for each lead.

Finally, Elite members are also able to add a public facing roster as a content section on their website. The public roster showcases each agent's photo, along with their contact information, a link to email them and a link to their Point2 Agent website.


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