Edit template website

Your template website is designed just like a regular Point2 Agent website. You have the ability to edit and view the template just as you do with your current site.

If you have a template website created, you will see an additional option added to the Websites drop down called Broker Template Website.

Keep in mind that as a template site, it will be used to send to multiple agents, so you will want to remove anything personal that you would not want on your agent's websites (i.e. personal photo, contact information, etc.).

We have already designated some fields with "inclusion tags" (i.e. #FIRSTNAME# #LASTNAME#). Inclusion tags are used to automatically pull information from a Roster Invitation in order to personalize the site for the agent. There are other areas where you may need to use inclusion tags. The following inclusion tags can be placed throughout your template website:


Once you have finished editing your template website you are now ready to add agents to your agent roster.

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