Automatic prospect assigning

With a brokerage website, you can enter listings on behalf of agents in your roster. These listings are assigned to specific agents and automatically appear on both the brokerage site and the agents’ site.

Prospects inquiring about listings located on the broker website are automatically assigned to the listing agents’ website. As listings are entered onto the broker website, they may be assigned to the proper listing agent. Any inquiries or action items (email listing, mortgage calculator featured on detailed listings) performed on that detailed listing will cause the prospect to be immediately re-assigned from the broker website to the listing agents’ website.

When a prospect visits the brokerage website and performs an action on a listing belonging to an agent (i.e. emails it to themselves or a friend), the prospect is automatically assigned to the listing agent. This means that the listing agent will be notified of the prospects visit and will have the tools needed to contact and manage that prospect.

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