Manually assign prospects to agents

As a broker you have the ability to assign prospects that have visited the broker website to agents within your office manually and decide who the prospect should go to. A prospect that performs an action on a listing displayed on the brokerage website will still automatically be routed to the listing agent.

If a prospect visits the brokerage website and their information is captured another way (i.e. they filled out a contact form), then you can assign that to an agent of your choice.

  • Sign into your Point2 account at
  • From the Prospects menu click View Prospects
  • Click Assign next to the prospect
  • From the Owner drop down, select the agent from your roster you want to assign the prospect to
  • Click Next 
  • Next, choose to add the prospect to drip campaigns (options available for Professional and Elite agents)
  • Leave a comment if desired
  • Check Send notification to new owner (this notifies your agent they have been assigned the prospect)
  • Check Send email notification to prospect if desired
  • Click OK

The agent will then be notified of the prospect and has the ability to contact and manage that prospect through their website. The complete prospect profile is copied over to the assigned agents’ website. After the prospect has been successfully assigned, the broker may not edit or manage the prospect, but may continue to view the prospect information.

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