Broker Tips

Here are a few tips when setting up a broker account so that it is most effective:

Roster Tips

  • Newly created roster agents will accept the same selling areas and handshakes that their broker has chosen. 
  • Have the broker setup the Template Website completely before setting up the Roster. Changes to the template website are not sent out to existing accounts. This is so that agent changes are not overridden by the broker. 
  • Some companies have more than one broker or offices to manage teams. The main company should have a brokerage account and these extra brokers or offices can also have their own brokerage accounts. Agents should then be on two rosters for the main company and their office. Two brokers would appear in the “Broker of Record” listing option and the agent should choose the appropriate person form the list. This gives the “Broker of Record” access to the listing.

Template Website Tips

  • Remember that this template is for use by their agents, not the broker. Have them avoid references to specific places or names. 
  • “Inclusion tags” allow the broker to substitute the agent’s information into the template. Example: #FIRSTNAME# would appear as the agent’s first name when they receive their website. 
  • A lot of agents already have websites and some may not want to use the Point2 website. Brokers like the fact that the website is optional, but they should setup a template website anyway for new agents in their office. It’s a good recruiting tool.

Prospect Tips

  • Brokers have to enter the listings and assign them to the agents for automatic prospect routing to work. 
  • Brokers do not have access to prospects that came in directly through the agent’s website. The prospect technically resides in the agent’s account and so only features specific to that agent’s membership level are available. Example: the agent has to be Professional to send drip campaigns to a prospect assigned from their Elite broker.

Handshake Listings vs. Roster Listings

  • Roster listings are technically handshake listings too. 
  • There is an extra bit of information on the listings that tells the system that the listing was entered as part of a roster. 
  • All brokerage roster listings (and only roster listings) will appear in the Featured Listings module. Number allowed to be selected depends on the membership level of the account in question. 
  • The listings module can be filtered to show all brokerage listings followed by a “more listings” link with the rest of the other handshakes. The other handshakes can’t be filtered out completely because remember, roster listings are technically handshakes too.
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