Misspelled website address

A misspelled default website address such as instead of originated because your name was incorrectly spelled when the account was created. 

Once a website address has been created it cannot be changed. However, you are able to register a domain name instead of using this default one for your Point2 website. In fact we highly recommend to point or purchase a domain name instead of using the default one provided.

Having your own domain name is one of the most important aspects of a successful website. It allows you to effectively market your website through both online and offline means. Here are the benefits of a domain name:

  • More recognizable by search engines and can be easier for people to remember
  • Able to brand both your website and email address with your domain name
  • Domain associated email ( looks professional on your business cards and other office and marketing material
  • Reports can track visitors to your one website through multiple domains. You can measure the effectiveness of your advertising. Advertise one domain in one place, another in a different medium and you will see what provides the most traffic.
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