Benefits of a domain name

Having your own top-level domain name is one of the most important aspects of a successful website. It allows you to effectively market your website through both online and offline means.

  • A top-level domain is more recognizable by search engines
  • It is easier for people to remember
  • You are able to brand your website with your domain name
  • You can create domain associated email ( This is a permanent address that you own so you don’t have to change your business cards and other office and marketing material.

Once you have a domain name associated with your Point2 website, domain associated email can be setup. With all our memberships you can have email accounts. The type, size and limit on email accounts is set by the membership level.

The Express membership allows for 1 email account that is 500MB. Professional offers 15 email accounts each with 1GB capacity. Elite allows 25 email accounts each with 5GB capacity. Professional and Elite members also have access to other domain related features such as sub-domains.

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