Tips for choosing a domain name

Choosing a good domain name is often something that many people struggle with. Here are general rules to follow: 

Keep it simple
We occasionally encounter names like: Although this example is fictitious, similar names to this are registered all the time. No doubt you would agree, this is hard to remember and takes a long time to type. Ask yourself: With thousands of websites out there would you remember this?

Avoid trade marked names
The most common mistake is using the word Realtor, as this is a trademark of NAR. For more information click here. Also, if you intend to use your affiliation name, you may need to get permission first.

Memorable and easy to spell
Could you remember How about remembering the spelling?
Make sure that the text you use is easy to remember and easy to spell.

Some choose to register more than one spelling of their own name. This is ideal if you have a unique name or a name that can be spelled more than one way and people misspell it all the time. If you really want to use your name and people keep spelling it wrong there is nothing preventing you from registering the wrong spelling and the correct spelling.

Choose a good ending (extension)
Common extensions for domain names are: .com, .org, .net, .us, .ca, .biz, .info and it is generally a good idea to stick with these domains. Some countries have .au (Australia), .uk (United Kingdom), etc. There are restrictions for domains purchased with country extensions. Search for a .com first as it is the most well known. When searching for a domain within the domain store you will be shown all available domain extensions for the name you entered.

Brand yourself
Always keep in mind the purpose of having a website is to promote your real estate services. Whenever possible, take advantage of your personal office and business branding.

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