Point domain vs. forwarding

Forwarding allows you to access your website via your domain name without changing the name server information. Once you hit your website, the URL address defaults back to your URL address, losing much of the effectiveness of your own domain name.

You can point the name servers for your domain name, which will allow your Point2 website to be accessed via your domain name and the domain name appear in the address bar. This allows your domain name to become your website address. This is commonly referred to as pointing.

There are advantages to pointing your domain name rather than forwarding it. One major advantage is that your domain is more likely to be recognized by search engines. Search engines will not index websites that have a redirection.

In addition, when you change the name servers to our servers, your website is branded with your domain name. All email correspondence from your website will show your domain name as your website address rather than the address.

Once you have a domain name associated with your Point2 website, domain associated email services can be setup. All our memberships allow you to set up email. Professional and Elite members can also create subdomains for pages or listings using domain names on our servers.

For the instructions on how to point your domain to Point2, click here.

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