Renew from redemption period

If you see the message Expired - In Redemption Period next to your domain, this means that your domain name has been expired for over 18 days and is currently in what is called the redemption period. When the domain name expires, it enters an 18 day grace period where the domain name can be renewed with no penalty. When the 18 days pass it enters the redemption period and in order to keep it you will need to pay an $80 redemption penalty fee. This is a standard domain redemption fee which is not unique to Point2. The $16.95 renewal fee for the next year of hosting is also required.

Point2 makes sure to notify you prior to the domain name expiring. You will receive emails to the administrative contact email address for the domain name notifying you that the domain name is nearing expiration at 21, 14 and 7 days prior to the domain expiration date. You also receive a notice on the day of expiration that the domain name has expired and you have 18 days from that point to renew without penalty.

Also, 30 days prior to the domain name expiring, a red notification is at the top of your Point2 account when signed in.

Since your domain name has now been moved to redemption, you can no longer renew your domain name easily under Manage Domains. In order for us to renew the domain name for you, Point2 needs written confirmation by e-mail. We are going to send you a form that you would have to sign and send it back to us to begin the Redemption process. In the form you will be asked if you agree with the $80 penalty fee plus the $16.95 renewal fee payable to Point2 and if you would like to proceed with renewing your domain name.

Please e-mail this confirmation to .

The Redemption Form will must contain the following information:

  • the domain name to be renewed
  • a statement that you are aware of the $80 redemption penalty fee plus the $16.95 renewal fee payable to Point2
  • your signature and the current date

Please note: Once the domain redemption has been authorized by you there is no way to cancel the redemption.

We also require you to call Point2 Customer Care at 866-977-1777 and provide a credit card in order to process the domain redemption.

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