Domain name expiry

You can keep track of domain names and their expiration dates in the Manage Domains area in your Point2 account. This is the most accurate way to find information regarding the expiration date of your registered domain names. Please do not rely on WHOIS information to locate the expiry date of a domain name as they do not always show the most reliable information.  Here's how to locate the Manage Domains area in your Point2 account:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • The domains that are pointing and have been purchased will show in a list
  • If the domain was purchased through Point2 there will be a Registrar Information link next to the domain in the status column
  • If it's only pointing to your website and was purchased outside of Point2, there is no Registrar Information link to click in the status column

If the domain name was registered through your Point2 account, you will receive emails notifying you that your domain name is going to expire. You will receive an email at 21, 14 and 7 days prior to the domains expiration date. If it isn't renewed there is one last notice that the domain name has expired and you have 18 days from that point to renew without penalty.  After the 18 days, you can still renew the domain name, but it will be in a redemption period which will cost an additional $80 plus the cost of renewal. 

Also, if your domain name is set to expire within the next 30 days you will receive a system message at the top of your account when signed in.

For domain names that are registered with another registration company, you will need to contact that company directly to obtain the correct expiration date or further information about your domain name.

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