Change name servers for a Point2 domain

If you have purchased a domain name through your Point2 account it automatically points to Point2's name servers so that it works with your website. If you'd like to change this and have it point to a non-Point2 website, you're able to change the name servers and this will direct it elsewhere. 

First you will need to login to the domain control center:

  • Visit
  • Click the Registrar Information link in the status column 
  • Click the link GoDaddy account management panel (copy the customer # first)
  • Enter the customer # and password, the password was emailed to you upon registration of the domain, if you've forgotten it, is provided underneath the Customer #, on the page with GoDaddy account management panel:

  • Click blue Sign In button

To change the nameservers on the domain, you will need to identify which view your are using on the Domain Management Panel.

The most common view is the "Card View" and this is the view which will be covered in this guide. To ensure you are in card view, click the button represented as 4 squares, highlighted below:

 • Click the settings gear next to the domain you wish to update and select "Domain Settings"

  • Scroll down the page, until you reach the "Additional Settings" section
  • Click the "Manage DNS" link on the right side of the page
  • Scroll down to "Nameservers" and click the blue "Change" button
  • From the drop down box, select "Enter my own namerservers" and change the existing nameservers to your new company's values.
  • Now click the blue "Save" button

You will receive a notice informing that some features may be unavailable while updates are being processed.

During this time, certain updates cannot be performed, until the nameserver changes have taken place. You should also check your mailboxes for any notifications or confirmation messages.


Any e-mail accounts associated with this domain will stop working once you have altered the name servers (pointed the domain away). You will need to discuss these options with your new registrar.

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