Point domain vs. transfer

Pointing a domain name means that the name servers for that domain name have been modified to Point2’s name servers. Your domain name will bring up your Point2 website. However, your domain account still remains at your current registrar. This is the company with whom you originally registered your domain name. You still must contact that registrar for any updates, changes or billing inquiries regarding your domain name. This can be confusing, as you have accounts with more than one company.

Transferring a domain name account to Point2 means that you would have all your accounts with one company. This means that if you had any inquiries regarding your domain name, billing, renewals, pointing, you could simply contact Point2 Customer Care. When you transfer your domain account to Point2, included in the $16.95 fee is an additional year of registration.

Note: It is advisable to have your domain name pointed to your Point2 website first before you proceed with transferring the domain name.

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