Make a page visible or hidden

You can easily make your pages hidden, visible or inactive by following these instructions:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Websites from the top menu
  • Click Agent Site
  • Click Edit in the Agent Site section
  • Some themes will have a Page Visibility Drop Down menu at the top to choose Visible, Hidden or Inactive. The page will refresh and save the change made.

If you do not see that page visibility functionality:

  • Click the Manage Website drop down menu at the top
  • Click Edit Menu

  • Locate the page name and click and drag it to the appropriate Visible, Hidden or Inactive box
  • Click Preview
  • Click Apply Changes at the top of the page 

A hidden page is not deleted from your site, rather it is removed from your page tab or navigational buttons.
An inactive page is not accessible by the public whatsoever, however you are able to bring it back to active at any time.

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