Add Listings By Map

The Listing By Map content section enables your visitors to view your listings by clicking on maps of your selected selling areas within your agency coverage. To add a Listings by Map section:

  • Sign in to your Point2 account at
  • Click Websites from the top menu
  • Click Agent Site
  • Click Edit in the Agent Site section
  • Click the green Add Content button from the center column of the page 
  • On the Add Content click the Listings and Home Search tab
  • In the Listings By Map section click Add to Page 
  • Decide on a title, alignment, horizontal header line and edit the description if you choose
  • Click Next to continue 
  • You will now be in the configuration screen for your Listings By Map 
  • Your first step is to choose which selling area you would like displayed from the map drop down 
  • Choose the Listing Display, Listing Summary and Filters you would like 
  • Click Finish to add your section

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